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One for sorrow

I am the last
The one who holds on past
Clinging on something we use to have

I am the last
The one who chose this path
To walk among the world of shadows

Always one for sorrow
Never one for love
Two souls destined to failure
Right from the start

It was always one for sorrow
Never one for love
Two souls set for departure
Before the nightfall

And here I stand
Devoid of faith, bereft of hope
Unable to break the walls around me

And here I stand
Shell of a man from past
Condemned to world of resentment

It took two to summon the thunder
One to bring down the rain
Two to torn all asunder
One to suffer the pain

Two to crush dreams and wonders
One to lose everything
All once beautiful and sacred
Nothing but in vain


Above are the lyrics for the title track of their new album. I've loved this band for a long time, purely because of the emotion they evoke in me. The songs speak about experiences I've had and still have. I'm posting this here, because no one will see it I guess, I can't get myself to post it on FB or other social media sites because people think funny of you when you start getting all 'emo'. These guys are not afraid to show their pain though and I love it. If you found this page I would guess that you're a bit of a darker soul;and for that reason I extend my warmest regards.   


I don't hide from pain; I embrace it. Happiness would not exist if sadness didn't.


One for sorrow Insomnium - Official