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SQL1092N "ASPNET" does not have the authority to perform the requested command

Hi I am using DB2 Connect V8.2 to connect to UDB on a Z/OS platform from ASP.Net using the IBM Data Provider for .Net and Enterprise Library. Until last week, my application was working fine. However, we installed FixPack 13 for DB2 Connect and from that point, I am getting this error. I know it is due to insufficient authority for ASPNET. A few hits from google search point me to the SYSADM parameter in the DBM CFG. However, it was not set to any specific value previously and I am wondering if anything changed with the new Fix Pack. I don't see any info abt this. Does anybody have any suggestions? I do not want to make ASPNET a member of the DB2ADMNS OS group that I had created during the installation of DB2 Connect. Any Suggestions? Please help. Thanks

I had a similar problem with DB2 UDB v8.1 fix pack 11 admin client. After reading your post, I added the ASPNET user to the DB2ADMNS group, and my application worked. There was also a DB2USERS group that was available after the client install, so I removed the ASPNET user from DB2ADMNS and added it to DB2USERS, and my web site worked. This group has read and execute privileges on all DB2 objects, but does not have full control, so this might be a more secure alternative for you.
Regards - Bob