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Mr Tux - edited by moi,
well i was reading the man pages and looked around through google and the wiki for rtorrent .... and it said i need to config the rtorrent.rc file so it will keep all my settings for the port i want to use and what not ..... but yet when i search for that file ..... well i used the find folders/file command ...... the only thing i could find though was the action script for the rtorrent ......... any ideas what i should do .... very appreciative of this ..... thanksYou are suppose to create that file :

Do this in console to find out where rtorrent and the docs are located:
su updatedb
locate rtorrent

Do this:
bzip2 -dc /usr/share/doc/rtorrent/rtorrent.rc.bz2 > ~/.rtorrent.rc

Now you have the rtorrent.rc renamed to .rtorrent.rc in the root-directory(~)

nano -w ~/.rtorrent.rc and make modifications in the file.
Look here for more info about configuration of the .rtorrent.rc file: